residential lighting repairs missoula

Residential Lighting Repairs

Lighting Repair Services for Homes in the Missoula Area

Avoid the hassle, and let our experienced electricians manage your lighting repairs safely and cost-efficiently. Our team is skilled to handle all types of permanently installed light fixture repairs including LED products, can lights, sconce lights, and more.

Electrical Installation by Code: All of our installation and repair work for light and power circuits is done up to code, so you can rely on our experts to keep your home safely lit.

Light Fixture Installation: Need a new light fixture installed in your home? We can install LED products, can lights, sconce lights, or a fixture you purchased yourself. We can also upgrade your home and install new lights in the ceiling.

Upgrades & Replacements: We can upgrade or replace your existing exterior and interior light fixtures. Need to add new lights? Let our experts handle your upgrade.

Control Circuits: Have an older home that needs more lighting circuits? We can install and repair wired or wireless controls for your home.